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The idea of ‘Bootsie’ came to me as I slept by my son’s bedside as he was being treated for childhood brain cancer. Connor was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour in April 2007. He underwent extensive radiation and chemo therapy after surgery to remove the tumour. As I sat next to his bed and while we looked after him at home the ideas and books themselves flowed out of me and onto paper.  As each book was written I would read it to Connor as he lay in his hospital bed or whilst he was at home recovering from the chemo.  He enjoyed the books so much that it made me realise other kids would also love to read about Bootsie and it was my goal from then on to make them available to others. 

The bravery Connor showed is the inspiration for the character. As you read along with the series ‘Bootsie’ is faced with many challenges as most young children are. Connor just faced a much bigger challenge and he dealt with it like a warrior. Bootsie doesn’t face challenges like his but in his world and at the time of his life they are big enough for him. He too braves his life challenges like a warrior.



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